In Homestuck, they were introduced as a group of twelve internet trolls, who often bothered the kids on Pesterchum, before being revealed as literal trolls. They are the protagonists of Hivebent, the first half of Act 5. In a trailer for Etrian Odyssey III, the characters' names for Advanced Character Creation were named Terezi, Kanaya, Gamzee .... "/>
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Homestuck hemospectrum

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A successful Void player has to learn to open up to their friends and trust them. Also, Void players tend to put up a barrier around themselves, such as Roxy and her alcohol or Equius and his obsession with the hemospectrum (musclebeasts and milk too). As for the abilities of a Void player, it would vary by class.
Homestuck hemospectrum quiz Can you name the Homestuck hemospectrum . By Twinarmadigons. Plays-/5-RATE QUIZ. YOU. MORE INFO. Classic. Wrong Answers Some wrong answers will appear in red Some wrong answers will appear in red hide this ad. PLAY QUIZ % % Score. 0/10. Timer. 10:00 ...
Be the Sea Dweller Lowblood by ckret2. Recommended by lettergirlmj, Thorslund, Enistoja, Flairina, AMillionSkies, Silverfire; Status: Dead; Synopsis: (Written by Edge Of Oblivion) "Be the Sea Dweller Lowblood" is a Homestuck-derived fan story starring Eridan Ampora, the almost universally-despised sea dwelling troll, in a world where the high-ranking purple and blue blooded trolls and the low ...
Then there's those new humans, new trolls - potential friends at your school. That one troll, with the messy hair, grey eyes. No. You're not taking any chances. You can't re-live what happened in your last school. You can't relive it again. You won't.
Apr 27, 2016 · Social constructs, whether the Hemospectrum, the Quadrants, or the western construct of Heterosexual Monogamy, can become a kind of destiny that constrains and damages, because of the way they become naturalized, because of the way that things outside of those systems become inconceivable.